Keep Your Garage Door On Track

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Your garage door moves up and down a thousand times each year, so keep things on track with routine maintenance. There are small things you can do yourself to keep your garage door parts moving smoothly and safely. By just stopping to look and listen to your garage door routinely, you can notice anything that might seem off and take care of issues before they get out of hand.

Advanced Door Works offers several preventive repair tips for homeowners in the Littleton, Aurora, Lakewood and the surrounding Denver Metro area. Our garage door company has spent years repairing and replacing broken garage doors and can show you the best ways to keep your garage doors in order.

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Don't risk getting stuck in your garage

Don't risk getting stuck in your garage

Save money on expensive garage door repair services with easy preventive maintenance. Advanced Door Works offers these three simple tips for keeping your garage door in line:

1. Inspect your garage door
Check the cables, test the balance and safety features, and clear the tracks every so often.
2. Replace small parts
Replacing the track rollers, hinges and weatherstripping can extend the functional life of your garage door.
3. Maintain moving parts
Tighten the hardware, lubricate the rollers and tracks, and grease up the springs every once in a while.

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